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Age 12 or above

Hand-made: learning hand pinch, fender, coiling, and glazing techniques to produce some unique pottery. Let pottery lead you to experience the natural beauty of living.

Wheel throwing: teaching student more detailed skills on forming a pottery on a wheel and more diversified glazing methods. Students can learn the skills to produce unique creative and innovative products from early concept formation to final production


Age 12 or above

Mixing color?  Adjusting color?  Brushing colorful oil paint on different kind of materials and media is a wonderful experience.  It's real, brushing on wood, steel board or even brick will let you feel the exciting effect.  Besides drawing brush, we also use painter's paraphernalia to create the masterpiece


Age 12 or above

Nagomi Pastel Art is a type of therapeutic art that originated in Japan. It uses of powered pastels to create a translucent, peaceful, warm, and heartfelt art using basic yet distinctive painting techniques. The word "Nagomi" is a Japanese word that means "harmony, serenity, and quiet." There are no right or incorrect answers, nor are there any sketching guidelines.


The workshop is led by a Pastel Nagomi Art certified trainer.

 Course included: 

  • Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor Certification Course

  • Pastel Nagomi Class

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