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Infant Hand 

(Age 2-3.5)

Through introducing three fundamental colors in the workshop, deeper recognition in different colors will be enhanced.  By employing a different kind of drawing tools to simulate the painting brush, children learn the fundamental concept of creative connections.

Little Hand

 (Age 3.5-4.5)

This is an age of wild and wonderful.  Children in this age group are full of curiosity and confidence. Children will build up their confidence and self-fulfillment through studying abundant themes. 

Creativity can also be ignited during these workshops. Children will learn how to mix different colors and understand the great varieties of color combinations.

Kiddy Hand 

(Age 4.5-6.5)

Children know more about the world and the stuff around.  They need some channels to express their understanding.  Let our workshop stimulate and sharpen their thinking ability and feeling by providing ingredients of multi-dimensional art expression.

Master Hand

(Age 6.5-8.5)

 Besides two dimensional drawing, the teacher will teach three-dimensional drawing to enrich the layer and angle of creation.  By absorbing the master's technique, children will transform it into their own drawing style and discover their strength.

Artist Hand 

(Age 8.5-12)

How to make your children think independently as well as express pro-actively?  We understand it can be done by giving encouragement and support.  We, act as an inducer, lead children to construct the picture layout and expression; and encourage them to try in different ways. Originality and individualism are what we expected from our students

Exam Class

Co-organized by the National Art Examinations Development Centre and Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority, National Art Examination is a highly objective,impartial, independent and professional art examination. The examination has attracted increasing attention and acceptance in recent It achieves the popularity of art education 

Oil Painting & Adult Painting

Mixing color?  Adjusting color?  Brushing colorful oil paint on different kind of materials and media is a wonderful experience.  It's real, brushing on wood, steel board or even brick will let you feel the exciting effect.  


Besides drawing brush, we also use a painter's paraphernalia to create the masterpiece.

Modern Chinese Art

A firm hand, acute sight, cannot stop after the first ink.  We use simple line and plain color to express the artwork.  Simple is the beauty.  Learning Chinese art can train children's eye-hand coordination and patience.  Moreover, we educate children to think in a clear way.

(All lessons will be conducted by the holder of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Art Certificate)

Clay & Craft

Have you heard the story of God create Humans?  God gifts us two hands with un-limit creativity power.  Mixing high-quality Japanese, German Clay with other materials, children can create different size three-dimensional decoration stuff.  Children can also develop its little hand muscle.

(All lessons will be conducted by  holders of the Japanese Clay Certificate)


Comics is the most favorable reading for teens, they also want to draw it as well. In recent years, comics get the attention of the art field, and there even has comics subject available for candidates to enroll in public examinations.


(Age 7 or above)

learning hand bench, fender, coiling and glazing basis ceramic technique, students can understand the whole pottery making process. Experience how to bring the arts into the life.

Wheel throwing class 7 years old or above

Japan Nagomi Art
(Age 7 or above)

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