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(Age 6-11)


Age 4.5-6.5

Children know more about the world and the stuff around.  They need some channels to express their understanding.  Let our workshop stimulate and sharpen their thinking ability and feeling by providing ingredients of multi-dimensional art expression.


Age 6.5-8.5

Besides two-dimensional drawing, the teacher will teach three-dimensional drawing to enrich the layer and angle of creation. By absorbing the master's technique, children will transform it into their own drawing style and discover their style.  


Age 8.5-12

 We understand it can be done by giving encouragement and support.  We, act as an inducer, lead children to construct the picture layout and expression; and encourage them to try in different ways. 
Originality and individualism are what we expected from our students.


Age 4-12

Hand-made: learning hand bench, fender, coiling and glazing basis ceramic technique, students can understanding the whole pottery making process. Experience how to bring the arts into life.

Wheel throwing: The course features: teaching the wheel throwing theory and making daily life utensils Teenager and adult's pottery class.

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Age 4 or above

 Highly objective, impartial, independent and professional art examination.


The examination has attracted increasing attention and acceptance in recent It achieves the popularity of art education. The purpose of introducing and conduct this examination is to let students who have a keen interest in the fine arts to establish long-term learning objectives, improve accomplishment and attainments in arts. 

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