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Art Ateliers de la Little Masterhand

Our Teaching Mission:


Encourage with love, faithful to originality
We are well aware that students can only get improvement from trial and express.  Through the tutor’s professional guidance and encouragement, students need to repeatedly practice the taught knowledge and technique.  The pictures in the early stage maybe not too “real” from the adult’s perspective, but it’s the essentials for the progress and the accumulated precious experience in self -expression.

Unlimited creativity, take the ownership
Students are the owner of their drawing and they are allowed to employ their creativity to draw the defined topic with the different colour, line, shape and even the layout of the picture. 

Establish self-confidence, self-value added
Through the drawing process, starting from conception building, drafting to completing, students can establish the self-confidence.  It can be strengthened when progress is achieved.  Good self-value can elevate the student’s ability in living and studying.

Self-challenging, absorb the experience
Students can take the challenge to join the local and international drawing competitions and the drawing examinations which hosted by the Hong Kong Examination Board.  Employee the techniques ever learned, observe and absorb the strengths of other participant’s drawing are what the students can get attending the competitions.  No matter the result, students can learn the attitude of “win without pride and lose with grace”, establish the good personality as well as drawing skills.



Well Qualified and Highly Passionate Teachers

All our teachers are qualified with professional degrees or certificate in Fine Art, Visual Art, Chinese Art, Graphic Design, Japanese Clay and Early Child Education from both local or foreign University, Design School and Educational College. Most importantly, we are passionate about our teaching, love and care our students and committed to children's art learning and their personal growth. 

Innovative and Knowledge Based Programme

Our course combines art technique with daily knowledge. Every week will introduce new topics which extracted from the living environment around or related to students schooling curriculum. Through lively and interesting teaching approach, your child can absorb well and make significant advancement in their art study. 

Attractive and Comfortable Gallery Design

Our galleries are specialized design to deliver a comfortable, spacious and open type classroom in different themes. We strive to provide an atmosphere which stimulates the creativity, interaction and communication while learning. Children can learn and express themselves well in such a trustworthy and unconstraint environment. 

Small Size Tuition

Our classes are conducted in small groups (max 1:5 for age below 4.5 and 1:6 for age above 4.5) to ensure effective teaching and adequate caring for each student. 

Convenient Location

We located in the heart of Hang Hau, Causeway Bay, and Kornhill, within walking distance from the MTR station.

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