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(Age 12-18)


Age 8.5-12

 We understand it can be done by giving encouragement and support.  We, act as an inducer, lead children to construct the picture layout and expression; and encourage them to try in different ways. 
Originality and individualism are what we expected from our students.

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Age 4 or above

Preparing public examination: IGCSE/ IB/ DSE 

Highly objective, impartial, independent and professional art examination.


The examination has attracted increasing attention and acceptance in recent It achieves the popularity of art education. The purpose of introducing and conduct this examination is to let students who have a keen interest in the fine arts to establish long-term learning objectives, improve accomplishment and attainments in arts. 


Age 4-12

By learning the skills of drawing the comics to edit the story, it provides a practice opportunity for the youth to train its creativity, logical thinking skills. 


Age 4 or above

Hand-made: learning hand pinch, fender, coiling, and glazing techniques to produce some unique pottery. Let pottery lead you to experience the natural beauty of living.

Wheel throwing: teaching student more detailed skills on forming a pottery on a wheel and more diversified glazing methods. Students can learn the skills to produce unique creative and innovative products from early concept formation to final production

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