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Nagomi Pastel Art

  Pastel Nagomi Art - Noir Instruct Course  

  Noir Art Instruct Course  


Designed by Seiko Kunieda, artworks will be drawn on black paper, with a sense of mystery.


  Fun Noir Art* (2-hour class/ 4-hour class)  

- Booking must be made 7 days before the class

- Lesson plans will be provided for choosing.

- 2-hr class: finish 1 drawing, 4-hr class: finish 2 drawings

- Lesson plans and content can be adjusted depend on ability

  Authorized Teaching Course* (2 days of total 9-10 hours)  

- Booking must be made 2-3 weeks before the class

- Must have experience of at least 2 classes of JPHAA Pastel Nagomi Art

- Notes and tools included

- Extra charge for certificate: $380


上課時間 Timetable


星期三至六 10:00-19:00 (需預約時間及地點上課)



^Little Masterhand Ltd. 保留最終決定權。


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Wed - Sat 10:00-19:00

(Please make bookings of location and time)

* Special Discount for 2 students or more application.


^Little Masterhand Ltd. reserves the right to final decision

^Artwork pictures are for reference.

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